Sideiq Yar

Website Developer

Sideiq uses his extensive experience in the Arts, Media and Technology industry to create solutions that match BIRG’s needs as the Website Developer. Sideiq is an inspiration to all that meet him. As Sideiq once said, “I am not worried about the things I cannot do, but the things I can do I want to do my best.” Despite his diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, which affects his muscles and co‐ordination, particularly his arms and legs, it has not held him back from translating his goals and dreams into reality. Sideiq uses his toes to control his computer system, which is equipped with an oversized keyboard and trackball. With these modifications, he has become a successful professional at BIRG, as well as launching product and image campaigns at companies such as: McCann World Group, TNT-Max, Nekki Communication, The Committee for Disabled Students at Queens College, as well as a host of other startups and mid-size businesses.

Sideiq holds an Associates Degree in New Media and Technology from Queensborough Community College and a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Queens College.

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