Accessibility Commitment. Brain Injury Rights Group, LTD is committed to providing accessible information to all on our website, which was created for the purpose of ensuring that people with disabilities have full and equal opportunity to access and benefit from the information, products, and services offered by BIRG.

Alternative Formats. Brain Injury Rights Group, LTD makes available alternative formats and communication support upon request.

Please feel free to contact us to request an alternative format or communication support:

Feedback Solicitation. We solicit feedback from our audience on how accessibility can be improved and welcome your feedback on how to improve the accessibility of our website.   Please feel free to contact us:

Development Statement. The Brain Injury Rights Group, LTD website was created by Sideiq Yar using WordPress. WordPress is committed to being as inclusive and accessible as possible, regardless of device or ability, and to being able to publish content and maintain a website or application built with WordPress. Sideiq uses plug-ins in WordPress that make it accessible for him to use a modified computer system, which is equipped with an oversized keyboard and trackball that he controls with his toes. WordPress also aims to be fully WCAG 2.0 AA compliant where possible.

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